This El Cerrito residential addition and remodel was designed by me in 2010 and build over the next year. Now complete, the house is home to a working-class family. The project was a turning point in my career: having become a real, practicing architectural professional, I realized both the importance of design in the lives of everyday people and the fact that much of the architectural discipline was becoming less and less accessible to the average wage-earner. As deeply gratifying as this project was, it was also troubling: had my architecture firm not been doing this family a favor by doing the project pro-bono, they could never have afforded our services. And had the client not been a contractor, and built the designed project himself, the construction itself would have been too costly for the combined salaries of a contractor and a schoolteacher. Technically speaking, it was highly educational to see a project through from drawing-board to completion, and I learned a lot from drafting the below drawings.

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