Yurt Platform Detail Drawing-01.png


Finished Result


Redeployment at Ephemerisle

Ephemerisle is a floating, annual occurrence that comes together every July in the San Joaquin delta area, about 15 miles northwest of Stockton, CA. The roughly 400-person event was founded by libertarian 'seasteaders' who hoped it would serve as a testing ground for future settlements out in international waters, where state regulations do not apply (more info on Ephemerisle's bizarre history can be found here.) In 2016, a group of people purchased a construction barge for $20,000 and tugged the 40-foot floating platform into place, where the double-decker yurt structure was erected. While the building materials were pre-loaded on shore, The construction team and tools arrived by boat. Over the ensuing ten days, roughly thirty people would temporarily occupy the two decks of the structure, which provided shade and shelter, lighting and support for other lighter structures. Beneath its eaves, a propane-powered barrel hot tub full of sanitized delta water overlooked the river's shipping lanes (and the "Bump Barge's" massive dance parties), while the west-facing joists were equipped with decking for watching sunsets and for high-diving into the water below.

Barge Construction